Track Record

ABC Creative Consulting is contracted by several GMGD companies to maintain and service client accounts.

ABC Creative Consulting agents are assigned to recording artists who become members of Music Distribution Club. Primary tasks of our consulting agents are to assist MDC Members with the scheduling of release dates for their singles, EP’s, and music videos along with proper planning of marketing, promotions, advertising, touring, and business development within the means of each clients budget.

ABC Creative Consulting agents also coordinate client services at Advertising World, a certified full service Google Advertising Agency. The primary tasks of our consulting agents are to develop cutting edge marketing strategies for each clients advertising campaign, in order to maximize campaign performance and yield high quality product/service conversions.

In 2022 ABC Creative Consulting agents will be responsible for the pre-launch account sales & activation set-ups for SMTV. The primary tasks of our consulting agents are to service record labels & recording artists who are SMTV clients with account maintenance; the coordination of unique special promotions which include but are not limited to giveaways & contests, editorials, music video rotation notification, as well as nomination qualifications for it’s annual SMTV Awards. In addition, ABC Creative Consulting agents will develop perspective relationships with brand personalities, diverse entertainment figures, and commercial media types.